Unable to make connection with Microsoft sql server database using web api (web service) request

I want to access Microsoft SQL server database through Web API(web service) using System.Net.HttpClient. I have developed this xamarin cross platform app on windows 7 using visual studio community. In PCL class library i am not able to add reference of System.Net.HttpClient to access Microsoft sql server database trough web api request. Please give solution to resolve it either on windows system or mac system on which this project build is successful.
On Mac build is successful but received an error "An error occur when sending request" System.Net.HttpClientException.


  • ilyasilyas USMember ✭✭

    Solution 1: Update System.Net.HttpClient and Xamarin.Forms Library using netget.
    If not update then change profile..

    Solution 2:
    Clean our project and close visual studio.
    Then Restart our visual studio then it's working.

    I hope it's helpfull..

  • RajenSharma9900RajenSharma9900 INMember ✭✭

    Hello ilyas , Thanks for reply . I still cannot access database using web api with xamarin app.

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