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SkiaSharp multiple draws eventually get's blury and loses color vibrance

PaulCarver.6124PaulCarver.6124 USMember
edited November 2017 in Xamarin.Forms

For a game, I have a source and destination image; I iteratively draw parts of the source bitmap image over the destination (pure select a source rectangle and draw it onto the destination). This can occur thousands of times and eventually the image gets blurry and/or loses the color vibrance. Very noticeable over time.

I decode the image/jpg files into a bitmap using:

            var imageInfo = new SKImageInfo
                AlphaType = SKAlphaType.Opaque,
                ColorType = SKColorType.Rgb565,
                Height = pixelLength,
                Width = pixelLength,
            var bitmap = SKBitmap.Decode(sourceBytes, imageInfo);

I don't have alpha needs.

When I draw a rectangle from the source to the destination, I am using canvas.DrawBitmap(bitmap, x, y, paint) where paint is just a default "new Paint".

Any ideas why the image gets blurry and/or loses the color vibrance?


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