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I would like to use Xamarin for IOS, Andriod & Windows platforms...

I'm looking to get Business Plan and I wish to know about the meaning of PER PLAT FORM , PER DEVELOPER under business plan ($999).

My query is, If I would like to develop my product to support for all the three platforms(IOS, Andriod & Windows) do i need to get business plan for ($999 * 3 = $2997)?

I'm the only the developer who will use this product so I can understand what "Per Developer" means.

Please clarify.

Thank you.


  • ChWoChWo DEMember

    You need to get Business Plan for one developer for iOS and Android. If you are going to hire additional developers you have to buy additional Xamarin licenses for each platform they develop for by $999 per year.

    To develop for Windows platforms you must use Microsoft's Visual Studio. If you want to use the Xamarin plugins for iOS and Android inside VS you must have a professional or ultimate version of VS. If you want to develop apps for iOS and Android with Xamarin Studio then you can use the free express version of Visual Studio to develop apps for Windows Phone.

  • SteveFlackSteveFlack GBMember ✭✭

    If you are the only developer then you would need a license for each Xamarin platform you wish to target (Android and iOS so two licenses). You do not need a Xamarin license for Windows.

    The two main differences between the Indie and Business plans are that you get to use Xamarin on Visual Studio and you get email support (rather than forum only). You can still use Visual Studio for windows apps on indie but you will have to use Xamarin Studio for iOS and Android.

    If you happen to be an MSDN subscriber you can get a discount on the business plans:

  • ChhariChhari INMember

    Ok. Thank you.

    How much we can do with the free plan?. What are the differences or features if we purchase the licence?

  • BeingSrvBeingSrv INUniversity ✭✭

    Some of the features are restricted in free plan and since its a trial version for 30 days only.

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