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Hello guys, i am new in xamarin programming and i want to build family tree.

I did some search for ideas but i couldn't get some useful material.

If you have some idea what is the easiest way to build this kind of view, i will be more than happy to know about.
thanks !



  • JonDouglasJonDouglas USXamarin Team, University, Developer Group Leader Xamurai
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    Have any specific mockups or sketches of what you want this to look like?

    Your best bet would be creating a nested series of ViewGroup controls that include the custom View that are created based on a family tree data structure dynamically.

    You can also look at existing apps on the Google Play Store and use the Hierarchy Viewer tool to get a general idea of the controls used for their layout.

    Given the example: Grandparents ->Parents -> Children

    For example I would start with a LinearLayout that is oriented vertical. This will be the master ViewGroup that will place other ViewGroup controls in a stack. I would then create another LinearLayout that is oriented horizontally This would include the grandparents objects. In this case, a grandma and grandpa custom views displayed from a repeater control like RecyclerView or ListView.

    Based on my business logic I would then check if either of them have kids. If they do, I would create another LinearLayout that is nested inside the first one that would include the parents custom views.

    Finally I would do the same for the children.

    In all, your XML might look like this:

        <LinearLayout android:orientation="vertical"> //Houses all ViewGroups 
            <LinearLayout id=grandparents android:orientation="horizontal" >
                <RecyclerView or ListView of grandparents>
                    <LinearLayout id=parents android:orientation="horizontal">
                        <RecyclerView or ListView of parents>
                            <LinearLayout id=children android:orientation="horizontal">
                                <RecyclerView or ListView of children>
  • razkoko1razkoko1 ILMember

    thanks a lot, good ideas. i will try it, and will update soon.

  • razkoko2razkoko2 Member
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    works well
    it dosent aloow me to put the code here...

    thanks a lot

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