how to reset the CrossPayPalManager paypal plugin

ScottPerkinScottPerkin USMember ✭✭


We have an app in the development phase that allows users to select from a list of businesses and purchase stuff from that business. The paypal id is passed over to the app from the business for payment and initialized with CrossPayPalManager.Init(). However, when changing business and attempting to re-initialize with the new paypal id and environment it appears to be ignoring the new information (our test businesses use a combination of nonetwork and sandbox to test this functionality). e.g. initialize for first time with paypalid xxx and nonetwork,make payment (mock data),choose second business (paypalid xxx and sandbox),make payment (it still says mock data when it should say sandbox) . We are currently using the same paypalid for testing the different businesses.

We would like to be able to re-initialize paypal for the currently selected business from within the app without having the user kill the app and re-open to choose another business.

How do we go about doing this?


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