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Hello all, after having used Xamarin for a small internal Android app, I am looking at potentially using it for a cross-platform consumer app that could potentially have a large number of users. I am trying to assess the risk of coding something in Xamarin vs. going full native, and I had a couple of questions that I'm hoping someone here might have input on:

  1. Has anyone ever come across something they WOULD have been able to do in a native app but weren't able to do in Xamarin?
  2. Any major problems with Xamarin APIs delayed from native API releases?
  3. As new iOS and Android releases come out, what kind of maintenance needs to be done to a Xamarin app to account for them?


  • Xamarin = Native apps.

    Answering your questions:

    1) There are few things that you can't do on Xamarin, like using property external hardwares (TrackR Bravo for example). Everything internal, like using bluetooth, camera, NFC, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. can be done without any problem with Xamarin.
    2) No.
    3) If you want to take forward to improve your app, you must re-code that particular part of your app. That's naturally on any framework, not only Xamarin.

    You can check the xamarin's blog for more details.

  • jstauberjstauber USMember

    Sorry, bad verbiage. I meant coding it in Xamarin vs. coding it native. I'm aware they deploy as native apps. Thanks for the info!

    Regarding #3, what I guess I'm really asking is this: assuming I am not making code changes to make use of new APIs released in new OS versions, do I need to make code changes just to keep the app from breaking on the new OS version?

  • JamesLaveryJamesLavery GBBeta, University ✭✭✭✭✭

    Regarding #3 - unfortunately it depends on the nature of the changes in the OS version. We can't predict whether changes will be needed!

    However, if a change is needed in a Xamarin app, then it is very likely that the same change would have been needed in the equivalent Native app. Examples which come to mind are iOS changes which:

    • Introduced constraint-based layouts
    • Added new permission requirements
    • Added new HTTP/HTTPS info.plist etc. requirements
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