Cannot release build anymore

devnldevnl NLUniversity ✭✭

I have recently updated my Xamarin installations on the Mac and Windows machine to the latest stable version and came across the issue that building my application would not work anymore. I read somewhere to revert back to the Oct 11 version (1.4.2 on Windows, 7.0.2 on Mac and Xamarin Studio 4.0.13) because apparently it's an issue in the new version that needs a hotfix. I uninstalled everything Xamarin related from both workstations and installed a clean version. And whereas debug building works now, a release build does not. It starts building and at some point it just seems to keep on building into infinity. My Visual Studio becomes unresponsive and no more build logging is added on the Mac build host. The last piece of logging is:

[Appname] built succesfully.
Running tool: EmbeddedResourceUnpacker

All the way up to:

Running tool: Packager

And then it fails. Anyone else experiencing something similar or with an idea on how to fix this?

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