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Xamarin & Data store


I'm looking for the best solution to manage the datas with my Xamarin app. For now I'm completely lost, it is why I ask you please:

I need to :

  • Synchronize data when I'm offline (being able to work offline)
  • Able to find near by objects and pictures (geolocation / geofence)
  • Publish pictures and datas and allow other users to find them (Public data & Private data support)
  • Wish a 'test' account that does not cost too much (if possible) (btw, I use VS community)

I have searched in the documentation, but it seems Xamarin mainly work with Azure, I suppose it can work with other cloud & database,
but I can't find any clear information.

Do you have any idea ?

Does Azure is the solution, can/should I mix it with other services ?

Thanks for your help

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