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Image from resource not showing on Android

Hello, I'm new to Xamarin Forms. I'm trying to load an image from a resource the way it's described in the docs, with the provided ImageResourceExtension class. However, after running the debug code provided, it shows that the images are in "Images.UWP" instead of just in "Images", so I have to access them in XAML like this so they show up on UWP.
Source="{local:ImageResource DemoBooking.UWP.Images.star_outline.png}"
I have them set as "Embedded Resource" and also set as "Android Resource" in the Resources/drawable folder.

How can I get them to show both on UWP and Android? Thanks in advance!


  • ReemaGargReemaGarg INMember ✭✭

    In case of Android just place an image in Resources/drawables then simply access it by name of image i.e Source="image.png". No idea about UWP

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