Do not see camera in AVD

ArejayArejay USMember
edited November 2017 in Xamarin.Android

I am a beginner in mobile app development. I am setting up my dev IDE and AVD. I have created a new AVD with the following specs:
1. Target: Android 7
2. Platform 7.0
3. API Level: 24
4. CPU: Intel Atom x86
5. Device Nexus 6
6. Skin: Skin with dynamic hardware controls
7. Front Camera: Emulated
8. Back Camera: Webcam0
9. Memory Ram: 512, VM Heap: 32
10. Internal Storage: 200 MiB
11. Use Host GPU

I am using Intel HAXM and have disabled Hyper-V. My issue is that I do not see camera in the AVD. I have to develop an app that uses camera. Please help

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