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How to Swipe on a list cell to show delete and edit options and perform those via UITest?

VissuDhyaramVissuDhyaram USMember

Hi Everyone,

I'm in the middle of writing UI Tests for a table view where if we swipe right to left on the cell, the delete, and edit buttons show and tapping on delete, it deletes the comment text and tapping on edit, gives the capability of editing the comment text. I am struggling to write a test case for this. When I hook up my device to Xamarin Test Recorder and tried this scenario, the test recorder says SwipeRightToLeft();. But when I actually perform this step, nothing happing, I mean it does try to swipe, my guess is it just swipes the entire screen, not the cell on which I am trying to perform the swipe.
(Platforms:- Android and iOS)

I would really appreciate if anyone can help me out with this scenario. Awaiting responses.


  • the code ive been trying is :- app.SwipeRightToLeft(); app.Screenshot("Swiped left");

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