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Master/Detail edge swipe on iOS

There is a difference in the swipe gesture to present the master page (drawer menu) on Android and iOS. On Android it only swipes from screen edge, while on iOS swipe from any point on the screen does it. The problem with full-screen swipe is that one of my detail pages is a Map and user can't do any left-to-right scrolls because the master detail gesture overrides the map gesture handler. I worked around it with a simple check

IsGestureEnabled = page.DetailPage != MenuItemViewModel.Detail.Map || Device.RuntimePlatform != Device.iOS;

Which effectively disables the left menu swipe but what I would really would like to have is a swipe from edge like it happens on Android.

Is there a simple way (i.e. no custom renderers) to do the menu edge swipe on iOS in Xamarin Forms?


  • sShrek1sShrek1 USMember ✭✭

    Yes! I did an example of this a few days ago.
    Its on my github. cannot link in the forums yet, but check out sShrek1 on github.
    Another thing you should do (something i forgot to add to the project) is setting "isGestureEnabled = false" on iOS.

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