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Hi guys, I would like to accomplish something like that:

Why I need this?

Most smartphone owners use their phone in portrait mode (excepted watching videos or playing games). Our app is similar to a game so in our purpose landscape mode is what we want.
I tested so many games/apps in landscape mode and all have in my opinion the same problem: Typing/login in landscape mode is a pain! You tap into the input form and booom...the keyboard overlays the input form or starts getting fullscreen so that you don't see what you are typing or for which input form you enter something.

So my idea was to let the user in portrait mode as long as the onboarding takes. At some point the user has to turn the smartphone. In my opinon it does not matter if it happens during the launchscreen or after the loggin.
What is your opinion?

How to do that in xamarin?

At the moment my Application.MainPage is a NavigationPage where I do all the onboarding stuff. When the onboarding process is finished I reset the MainPage Application.Current.MainPage = new Views.MasterDetail.MasterDetailPage(); but that causes a litle UI glitch (screen flares). The whole thing does not feel right...

what's the best way to accomplish this?

kind regards,

for changing the device orientation during runtime I used a plugin Xamarin.Plugin.DeviceOrientation

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