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[Xamarin.UITest] UITableView Text() and Tap() not querying the same elements


I experience some issues on Xamarin Test Cloud for iOS.

Here is the concerned test code
var ItemValue = app.Query(c => c.Class("FaqQuestionTableViewCell").Index(0).Class("UILabel"))[0].Text.ToLower();
app.Tap(c => c.Class("FaqQuestionTableViewCell").Index(0));

Currently the test purpose is to get the text of a UITableViewCell and then click on it.
It works well on some devices.
But for the :

  • iPhone 6S (10.X and 11.X)
  • iPhone 6S Plus (10.X and 11.X)
    It gets the text of the first cell, but it taps on the second one.

Is it normal? Do the problem is coming from my test code or from the Xamarin Framework ?

Best regards,

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