ScandIt with front camera

I need to develop and app for an Android tablet that will have to stay flat on the tablet and the user will have to pass small boxes with a barcode over the front camera (like with counter stores).
I tried the sample app simply changing read to front camera, and did some tests.
Results in terms of speed are quite bad, my guess is because front cameras have much lower resolution than rear ones, normally 1.2/1.3 megapixels.
Using rear camera, code128 barcodes are decoded quite quickly, but code39 ones (the ones I must read) are much slower to be detected.
Is there any trick to improve recognition with ScandIt, even using front camera?

PS I also had problems with autozoom (Asus TF300T tablet tries continuosly to autofocus, LG 4X P880 phone never focuses), problems that I don't have with ZXing component (but I can't use that one because the user doesn't have to align the barcode, it must be read fron any angle)


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