Adding Sound to a Xamarin.Forms App

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@AdrianStevens just wrote a blog post about Adding Sound to a Xamarin.Forms App!

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  • andrekibaandrekiba ITUniversity ✭✭

    Maybe it would be nice and useful if there was also the possibility of calling methods asynchronously :-)

  • rraallvvrraallvv Member ✭✭
    edited January 2018

    @AdrianStevens Do you know of a way to "warm up" the player?

    I tried storing a reference to the current player in the constructor like so:

    player = Plugin.SimpleAudioPlayer.CrossSimpleAudioPlayer.Current;

    ...then playing some .mp3 file when tapping on a button, but there is still a noticeable delay the first time the sound is played.

    var audio = ((CustomControl)sender).CommandParameter;
    player.Load(Path.Combine("path-to-file", "file-name.mp3"));
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