No AdHoc choices in configuration

Fairly new to trying to get this all working. I have a tvOS app that i want to get onto my apple TV to look at.

Been through the whole provision and profiles section, all seems okay

But i just simply do not see Ad Hoc as an option in the configurations. Just Debug and Release. I cannot find anything anywhere to help me pinpoint tracking this down.

Can anyone offer any advice?

many thanks



  • JGoldbergerJGoldberger USMember, Forum Administrator, Xamarin Team, University Xamurai

    You do not need to use an AdHoc configuration to deploy to an Apple TV, or for any reason really. A configuration, like AdHoc, is only a set of preset project properties. One could make the Debug configuration identical to what was in the old AdHoc configurations Xamarin used to create by default for new apple template projects. The AdHoc and AppStore configurations were removed a long time ago as they were not needed. The Release configuration serves the same purpose now. As a side note, on Visual Studio Windows, the AdHoc and AppStore configurations are still created with the default Apple app templates.

    So did you plug your Apple TV into your Mac? Did you get its UDID and register the Apple TV on Apple's developer web portal, and then create a provisioning profile that includes that Apple TV and an App ID that will match your tvOS app's bundle ID (whether wild card or explicit)?

    If you have done all of the above, and still have your AppleTV connected via USB, you should be able to deploy to the Apple TV using a Debug or Release configuration and selecting the Apple TV in the device drop down list in VS for Mac.

    Unfortunately I can not test this as I do not have a USB C cable. There is an option to "Debug over WiFi" in the tvOS Project Options->tvOS Debug page, but if that works the same as iOS, you need to connect the device via USB, deploy the app until the debugger is connected, then you can unplug the device and continue debugging over WiFi.

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