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Content View in Xamarin Forms used to work properly previously

OptimusPrimeOptimusPrime USMember
edited November 2017 in Xamarin.Forms


I have snippet like below:

<ContentView> <RelativeLayout> <Entry /> </RelativeLayout> </ContentView>

The problem is that the entry field gets rendered correctly but I am unable to enter anything in the field neither it responds to the tap.

Any idea what is causing the problem?

According to me this works well till Xamarin.Forms update of nuget package but with the later ones its not working as expected.


  • seanydaseanyda GBMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    I remember seeing a BugZilla on not being able to select Entry's inside a RelativeLayout not so long ago. I think it would work fine if you took it out of the RelativeLayout or try using a different release of Xamarin which hopefully has it fixed. Try 2.5.0-pre2

  • Hey @seanyda I found at that this issue is caused by Xamarin.Forms nuget package above version but unable to figue out why?

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