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Google Places Api in Xamarin.Forms Application

I start whit a cross-platform project where i need to use Google Places Api and other but unfortunately i don't find a library for use in Xamarin.Forms. By the way i can use web service api for get json and create my objects, now i think to create a very small library for Xamarin.Forms and i have few questions:

  • I can create objects based on json and web service api of Google Places but i don't know if this is a good idea, now i use **json2csharp **for map the json and create class but if google change a name of variable or add other my creation object failed. This is a good practice?
  • In terms of performance is good to use web service for create objects and use in xamarin.forms project?
  • This is a good idea for create a library which does not exist? I don't know the structure of this type of library
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