how to create Single Select and multi select event in ListView using Xamarin forms

sumeetsssumeetss USMember ✭✭
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I want to create List View link any email list in Xamairn Forms for Android and iOS.
1) single select item:- on a single click of a cell, it should go inside that cell mins detail page of that single cell.
2) multi-select situation item:- if we click on cell for 1 or 2 seconds or Long press then can able to select multiple cells and to any operation like delete or move

I already have list page and item detail page (which display selected single cell data)
on multi-select, I don't want to show detail page only need to select multiple items and perform the operation on that selected option like delete or move
Like any mail list ex. Gmail app


  • WarwenczackWarwenczack BRMember ✭✭

    1-> you can use the PopUp to show the informations...
    2-> you can create a layout inside an <ListView> like a <Grid> and use like you need...

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