label text not loading Properly on scrolling of ListView Xamarin Form.

Dear All,
Inside ListView we have Usage 4 label and 3 Images. When We fast Scrolling then some of text not showing properly. inside a ListView please help how to solve this. here is my XAML Code.



                                <Grid BackgroundColor="#EAEBED" RowSpacing="0" ColumnSpacing="0" HeightRequest="50">
                                        <RowDefinition Height="5*"/>
                                        <RowDefinition Height="5*"/>
                                    <Grid.ColumnDefinitions >
                                        <ColumnDefinition Width="2*" ></ColumnDefinition>
                                        <ColumnDefinition Width="5*"></ColumnDefinition>
                                        <ColumnDefinition Width="2*"></ColumnDefinition>
                                        <ColumnDefinition Width="1*"></ColumnDefinition>
                                    <Image Source="{Binding UserImage}" Grid.Column="0" Grid.Row="0" Grid.RowSpan="2" HorizontalOptions="Center" ></Image>
                                    <Label Text="{Binding Name}" TextColor="Black" FontSize="11" FontAttributes="Bold" Grid.Row="0"  Grid.Column="1" HorizontalOptions="StartAndExpand" VerticalOptions="Center" >
                                            <TapGestureRecognizer Command="{Binding navmesagescreen}" NumberOfTapsRequired="1" />
                                    <Label Text="{Binding Text}" TextColor="Black" FontSize="9" FontAttributes="Bold" Grid.Row="1"  Grid.Column="1" HorizontalOptions="StartAndExpand" VerticalOptions="Start" >
                                            <TapGestureRecognizer Command="{Binding navmesagescreen}" NumberOfTapsRequired="1" />
                                    <Grid Grid.Column="2" Padding="0,0,2,0" Grid.Row="0" >
                                        <Label Text="{Binding Date}" TextColor="Black" FontSize="8" FontAttributes="Bold" HorizontalOptions="EndAndExpand" VerticalOptions="End" ></Label>
                                    <Grid Grid.Column="2" Padding="0,0,2,0" Grid.Row="1" >
                                        <Label Text="{Binding Time}" TextColor="Black" FontSize="8" FontAttributes="Bold"   HorizontalOptions="EndAndExpand" VerticalOptions="Start" ></Label>
                                    <BoxView HeightRequest="500" WidthRequest="1" BackgroundColor="Black" Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="3" Grid.RowSpan="2" HorizontalOptions="Start"></BoxView>
                                    <Image Source="{Binding flag}" Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="3" HorizontalOptions="Center" />
                                    <BoxView HeightRequest="1" WidthRequest="250" BackgroundColor="Gray" Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="3" HorizontalOptions="Start" VerticalOptions="End"></BoxView>
                                    <Image Source="{Binding Alerticon}" Grid.Row="1" Grid.Column="3" HorizontalOptions="Center" >


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  • NMackayNMackay GBInsider, University ✭✭✭✭✭


    What's the exact problem?
    What Forms version?
    Have you tested with the latest stable release?
    Does it occur emulator or hardware?
    If Forms 2.4.0, are you using Fast Renderers?

    Post a repo project, otherwise someone needs to create a blank project, create a page and add your markup and create some binding data etc to test.

  • Form Version is Its Occur on android device. How to use Fast Renders. for problem reference Screeen Shot attached.

  • NMackayNMackay GBInsider, University ✭✭✭✭✭

    I'll see if I can replicate it

  • NMackayNMackay GBInsider, University ✭✭✭✭✭


    I put together a repo using your data template but I can't replicate with fast renderers enabled or without, tested on a Samsung S6, S5 and Galaxy S2 hardware.

    If you can create a repo project showing this I'd suggest submitting a bugzilla report.

    I attached my test with your template.

  • VijayPratapSinghVijayPratapSingh USMember ✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    Problem Resolved In My case when we removed padding from label It's Working. Thanks for Support.

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