Could I Intercept Exit FullScreen event from octane.xam.VideoPlayer plugin?

AndreaCacciatoriAndreaCacciatori USMember
edited November 2017 in Xamarin.Forms

Hi Guys.
My application works portait, ma i want fullscreen video playback even in landscape mode using the plugin mentionend above.

For this purpose I create a customrenderer to take access to native AVPlayerViewController Ios Control.

I tried in many many ways, but seems to be impossible to handle exit fullscreen event. In that method i want to force layout portrait. I have the code for reset orientation already implemented but the problem is to put the code in the right place.

Any other that faced the same issue??

I tried to search for something useful in AVPlayerView(not accessible), AVPlayerVideoController, AVPlayerCurrentItem etc

Any ideas?

Thanks you in advance.

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