Problem with custom UIViews instantiated inside a UIViewController, after upgrading to iOs11

Hi all,
I'm facing an issue caused by the upgrade to iOs11.
I have some custom UIView similar to this (for example):

public partial class CartSingleItemView : UIView
    public static CartSingleItemView Create()
        return (CartSingleItemView)Nib.Instantiate (null, null) [0];

Then, I have some UIViewControllers adding this UIView like this:

CartSingleItemView singleItemView = CartSingleItemView.Create();

After upgrading to iOs 11, every button or control (scroll view, etc.) inside this custom view doesn't get gestures anymore!
Before, everything worked like a charm. Now I can't tap or scroll anything, even if the control is enabled!

Can someone help me?

Thank you in advance

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