Stability issues with Xamarin in Visual Studio

I'm just wondering if anyone has been having similar issues with Xamarin.

I'm using it in Visual Studio to work on an iOS app. I've made a few new projects, followed tutorials, and sooner or later things stop working.

I have a mac setup with Xcode, Visual Studio and Xamarin, everything including OSX is on the latest update. I work on a Windows PC (also the latest version of everything). I can connect to the Mac agent to do the compilation. All the Apple certificates and provisioning profiles are fine.

Problems I get are: I can sometimes deploy the app to the phone, even put breakpoints in my code. But sometimes I can't, even if no code has changed. I get errors in VS saying to view the logs, but I can't find any logs.

A couple of the developers on our team have also tried working with Xamarin in VS and have had similar bad experiences. It just seems like an unstable environment that barely works.

The Simulator works, but again it's sometimes slow, sometimes fast, and sometimes doesn't work at all, even with no code changes between tests. But we can't work much with the simulator because we need hardware functionality such as the camera or Bluetooth.

LivePlayer has never worked, we've spent so much time following forums and testing with all the different frameworks (.Net Standard etc), with absolutely no success. We're all senior developers here with a great deal of experience in Visual Studio and other cross platform environments including iOS (just not with Xamarin).

Is this just how Xamarin is? Does anyone manage to develop with it in a similar environment (development on Windows, target application on iOS). Should we just keep waiting for Microsoft or Xamarin to eventually fix things?

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