what is the Benefit of Azure Social Authentication?

batmacibatmaci DEMember ✭✭✭✭

I dont really understand the benefit of Azure Social Authentication. here there is a great documentation from @AdrianHall . He perfectly described everything but I am confused even more.
I have implemented Aws Cognito in one of my app and it is quite straightforward.
- I make http get request using web view to facebook

  • user logs in. I fetch the token and user information
  • I pass this token to AWS cognito.
  • Cognito stores it for me and everytime I come back to app, I ask Cognito "hey cognito is my token still alive". if yes continue, no ask for authentication again.

But according to Azure documentation,

  • I have to use DI and go native level even for a simple web view request.
  • I have to store token in the app using xamarin.auth
  • i have to verify expiry date using some JWT calculation myself.

So question is what is the purpose of Azure Social auth and why do I have to use it? is it only for backend api for offline snyc?

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