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Xamarin.Auth with Mac?

ThomasFlemmingThomasFlemming DEMember ✭✭
edited November 2017 in Xamarin.iOS

How would I use Xamarin.Auth with in a Xamarin.Mac-project?
Looks like, only the UI-part is missing.
Or is it still "work-in-progress"?


  • ChrisHamonsChrisHamons USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    So Xamarin.Auth only appears to resolve against the Full Target Framework ( and doesn't ship a Xamarin.Mac specific bit. It resolves to "portable-net45+wp8+wpa81+win8+MonoAndroid10+MonoTouch10+XamarinIOS10" which I assume doesn't have any UI specific code.

    I would consider contacting the project ( directly, as I've never used it.

  • moljacmoljac HRBeta ✭✭✭


    Looks like, only the UI-part is missing.

    "Only" that part.

    Or is it still "work-in-progress"?

    Yup. Desktops are comming:

    • WPF
    • Xamarin.Mac,
    • GTK#
    • Windows.Forms (yes there is even issue on github people are trying to use it in Windows.Forms)
    • Console (this can be done too)


    PCL part is only for bait-n-switch and it has no UI (platform specific part) and Xamarin.Mac is not in master branch and Mac bits are not pushed yet.


  • Mat00088Mat00088 USMember ✭✭
    It’s 2019 - still waiting for Xamarin.mac oauth solution.
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