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Visual Studio for Mac hangs on install

Just got a new Mac, and went to install VS. But during first time, my network was interrupted, and so was the download feed (i think it was doing Mono at the time). Now, when i try to rerun the installer, it spends at least 5-7 minutes with the statement "warming up the registers", and then has error'd out, with either saying it can't find android libraries and/or mono.
How can i completely reset the original install, and start over? I've searched through /library/* and ~/library/* but havent seen anything labeled 'Microsoft', 'Visual studio', and/or 'Xamarin'.
Any help will be appreciated.


  • mattwardmattward GBMember Xamurai

    You could take a look at the installer log and post that on the forum: ~/Library/Logs/VisualStudioInstaller/

    Otherwise you could uninstall everything. There are some instructions about uninstalling VS for Mac and its dependencies:

    Might be worth just uninstalling the installer bits first to see if that makes any difference - there is a section right at the end of the above link with how to remove the installer.

  • MichaelSandersMichaelSanders USUniversity

    So, I followed the posted script and did all of the remove commands as documented (Matt, thank you for pointing me to that link). However, the install still fails, but now it says its failing for 'no network'. I do have network access and have rebooted a couple of times to ensure other things are stable as well (and as a side, i have been able to download/install a couple of other programs like anaconda). Here is what the last log is saying:
    2017-11-08 19:04:42.621] [Info] Installation ID: 673f34eb-506b-47e1-9f13-f2db90d64186
    [2017-11-08 19:04:42.624] [Info] Operating system: Mac OS X v10.12.6 (10.12.6; Mac OS X 10.12.6 (10.12.6 build version: 16G1036)), 64-bit
    [2017-11-08 19:04:42.630] [Info] Installer product: Visual Studio for Mac
    [2017-11-08 19:04:42.630] [Info] Installer version: (HEAD detached at e6d10afb) (e6d10afbd7f0370127fc9deeff47b4b08483c025 on 19/09/2017 18:52:18)
    [2017-11-08 19:04:42.630] [Info] Status: in progress
    [2017-11-08 19:04:42.835] [Debug] Waiting for manifests to finish downloading.
    [2017-11-08 19:04:42.835] [Debug] Initial task executing (WaitingForActivation). Waiting for it to finish.
    [2017-11-08 19:04:42.937] [Info] Please check your network and run the installer again
    [2017-11-08 19:04:42.937] [Info] Initial task completed successfully
    [2017-11-08 19:04:42.937] [Info] Status: failed.
    [2017-11-08 19:04:42.938] [Info] No network - please check your connection. Falling back to embedded manifest
    [2017-11-08 19:04:42.938] [Info] This may install slightly older versions of the software, and prompt you for an update
    [2017-11-08 19:04:47.546] [Debug] Detection complete on the introduction page, determining the next steps.
    [2017-11-08 19:04:53.922] [Info] Done. All steps not completed. Failure: True; Status: Failed
    [2017-11-08 19:04:53.922] [Info] Status: failed.
    [2017-11-08 19:04:53.928] [Info] Status: aborted by user
    [2017-11-08 19:04:53.929] [Info] Status: completed

    again, thanks in advance for any insight on what i'm doing wrong here.

  • JimmyOJimmyO Member

    Michael, Did you ever get to the bottom of this issue? I'm having the exact same issue. Startup VS for Mac 2017 installer... Go through the selections, the download starts, but nothing actually happens. I have a fully operational network connection, but the installer never changes from Preparing to download. After about 10 hours, I got a network failure message. I tried rerunning the installer again, but I'm still stuck at the same place as before.

  • JohnHJohnH GBMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    @JimmyO Are you sure you are using the 2017 installer? Can you try again with the latest versions?

  • JimmyOJimmyO Member

    JohnH, Yes I am. I was able to get around the issue by not installing the Android components. Once I eliminated that from the install option, VS installed without issue. There was some sort of issue pulling down some of the Android dependencies. Since I do most (all) of my development on a PC and only need the Mac to build, I was able to not install those pieces.

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