Keyboard stays open after closing fragment

I have a very strange bug which I cant figure out how to solve. In MyActivity on button pressed fragment pops up, in which I have EditText, and when I close fragment with keyboard still opened, keyboard stays open in MyActivity. I have this lines in my OnCreate function of MyActivity:

if (savedInstanceState == null)

mEditText is EditText in MyActivity, not fragment. If I comment Window.SetSoftInputMode(SoftInput.StateVisible); I dont have this happening, but I want to show keyboard on activity created. I manage to fix it when I press button in fragment with this:

InputMethodManager mgr = (InputMethodManager)Activity.GetSystemService(Context.InputMethodService);
mgr.HideSoftInputFromWindow(mEditTextFragment.WindowToken, 0);

However it doesnt work for pressing outside of fragment. If I try to put this in OnCancel() it doesnt work because fragment is already closed so it cant reach mEditTextFragment.WindowToken.
Does anyone have any idea how to solve this?

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