How to set InputKeyboardType for Entry renderer

I'm creating my own custom keyboard in the PCL part of my project. I'd still like to use an Entry so that I have access to the cursor, however I don't want the regular keyboard to show at all. I see a InputKeyboardType.None setting for views in Android, however I can't find how to cast it to the Entry renderer in my Android project. Does anyone know how to cast this correctly, or another way of removing the standard keyboard for an Entry (without messing with focus, since I still want focus for the cursor).


  • ThomasNasbyThomasNasby USMember ✭✭
    edited November 2017

    I figured it out for Android (however the cursor doesn't show sadly):

    Control.InputType = (Android.Text.InputTypes)Android.Views.InputKeyboardType.None;

    Once I figure it out for iOS, I'll post that too.

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