Cross platform video player with sane error handling

I have an Android/IOS app that's currently using the Rox.Xamarin.Video plugin from nuget. When everything is working correctly it functions great; but it falls on its face on Android any time there's a problem (incompatible codec on old phones, network error preventing download, etc). It doesn't override Android's default error handling behavior and doesn't appear to allow me to do so after the fact. If what Google did was reasonable this wouldn't be a problem; but instead the result is a DOS style barrage of the same error popup over and over again that can only be solved by killing the app or other drastic means.

I've concluded I just need to swap out for a better player control; but while I can find multiple alternatives none of them that I've seen discus or demo any sort of error handling in their sample apps. Can anyone recommend one that does so I don't have to try a half dozen before finding one that's not useless?

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