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BLE - advice on plugins

I'm seeking advice on which plugin to start using for creating cross platform Android & iOS apps to do the following BLE tasks:
1) Scan for UUID and connect to read/write GATT characteristics
2) Scan for advertisements and decode & parse manufacturer specific data as they come in.

From what I can tell, it seems like there are 3 pretty popular plugins used for BLE on Xamarin.Forms apps.

  1. Money Robotics
  2. Sven-Michael Stübe & Adrian Seceleanu's plugin.ble
  3. ACR REACTIVE BluetoothLE

I'm new to Xamarin, and would like to not spend too much time going down the wrong path. Does anyone have recommendations on which plugins to use? I think all three above are capable to GATT connections and interacting with characteristics. But maybe the scanning for advertisements and decoding and parsing UUID's may be a different story? I'm actually trying to decode data in the manufacturer specific data and match it against the Bluetooth MAC address, which may be easier on Android than on iPhones (because of lack of access to MAC address on iPhones). I also need to continuously grab advertisement data from BLE devices even if it's the same MAC address, because I'm using the manufacturer specific portion of advertisement packet to encode sensor data.

Maybe there's a better plugin out there than the ones I've identified? If you've used one of these, I'd like to hear your experience.

Thanks in advance for any insights.

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