How to deal with offline data pushed to azure that we no longer want?

I'm looking for advice on how to handle an offline scenario where the data pushed is no longer needed.
The situation is where I create a person, a sports team and a link between that person and that sports team as three records in local MobileServiceSyncTables. This has been done offline on my device, but someone else on a different mobile device has done the exact same thing and create the same person with the same email address, then a team and a link between them but they were not offline and the changes have been pushed to the live azure database.

Now at the moment, when my device is back online it will create the three new records and there will now be two people with the same email address, but what I would like to happen on the push is... I check if a person already exists and if they do, then all 3 records do not get inserted (person table, sportsteam table and the link table).

This may or may not be easy to do but I have no idea how to approach this as the data is pushed to each TableController apis which don't know what the other is doing I guess.

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