Method 'Android.Support.CustomTabs.CustomTabsIntent.LaunchUrl' not found.


Experiencing exception in Azure B2C Directory login by using MSAL Library on Android platform with the following two libraries when updated to latest version (

Xamarin.Android.Support.CustomTabs (version
Xamarin.Android.Support.v4 (version
Please download sample from the following Link:


System.MissingMethodException: Method 'Android.Support.CustomTabs.CustomTabsIntent.LaunchUrl' not found.


MonoDroid( 7659): UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: MonoDroid( 7659): System.MissingMethodException: Method 'Android.Support.CustomTabs.CustomTabsIntent.LaunchUrl' not found. MonoDroid( 7659): at Android.App.Activity.n_OnResume (System.IntPtr jnienv, System.IntPtr native__this) [0x00008] :0 MonoDroid( 7659): at (wrapper dynamic-method) S An unhandled exception occured.


  • BrunoAKleinBrunoAKlein Member

    the Microsoft.Identity.Client 1.1.1-preview0040 was updated day 05/01/2018
    See: (i can't post links)
    Now works with all libraries in version 25+

  • jennyf19jennyf19 USMember ✭✭

    @BrunoAKlein @sureshbabulucky
    Based on the logs you provided, and this part of the error message:
    System.MissingMethodException: Method 'Android.Support.CustomTabs.CustomTabsIntent.LaunchUrl
    looks like either Chrome is disabled or not installed on the device. MSAL can only launch the UI if Chrome or chrome custom tabs is installed on the device (and enabled). We know this is not an ideal scenario, and a future release of MSAL will provide options for the developer to work around this issue. The implementation details have not yet been decided. You can follow the discussion and provide input though...please see these issues one and two

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