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Xamarin.IOS restore app state on Phone restart

MariusBloemhof.6986MariusBloemhof.6986 USMember
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We have a Xamarin Forms app that connects to a BLE custom device, even though my question specifically relates to IOS at this point. We have the correct background modes and the connection is stable and receiving notifications, even while in background mode and/or when the phone is locked.

However, when the phone is restarted, our connection is not restored. After the phone is restarted, I can see the app in the app manager, but it is not restoring any states/connections. Once I switch to the app from the app manager, the app is restored and the connection is re-established. I want this to happen automatically on restart of the phone (given of course that my app was running before the restart and the user did not terminate the app)

How can I accomplish this?

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