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Android binding issue

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to create a binding for the android library located on GitHub called CarouselLayoutManager.

I have created the binding project and I have the output dll, which includes all the classes I would expect, but when I build I get the following errors in my project which references the Carousel classes:

Error: cannot access ScrollVectorProvider
public class CarouselLayoutManager_OnCenterItemSelectionListenerImplementor
class file for$SmoothScroller$ScrollVectorProvider not found \obj\Debug\android\src\mono\com\azoft\carousellayoutmanager\ 4

Error: cannot find symbol ("Com.Azoft.Carousellayoutmanager.CarouselLayoutManager+IOnCenterItemSelectionListenerImplementor, AndroidCarouselBinding, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null", "", this, new java.lang.Object[] { });
symbol: variable this
location: class CarouselLayoutManager_OnCenterItemSelectionListenerImplementor \obj\Debug\android\src\mono\com\azoft\carousellayoutmanager\ 24

It seems the binding is falling down on the 'this' keyword and Java and the ScrollVectorProvider class which is part of the Android support libraries.
Does anybody know how to resolve these issues?
They are not mentioned in the troubleshooting guide but I imagine they are quite common in binding projects.

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