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Failed to resolve "SQLite.Net.Attributes.IndexedAttribute"

Hello Xamarin Support,

We are using SQLite.Net-PCL v3.1.1 and today we got the below error:

error : Failed to resolve "SQLite.Net.Attributes.IndexedAttribute" reference from "SQLite.Net, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null"

This error was never appeared before and this is the first time.

Is there are an upgrade of Xamarin or SQLite-PCL version which is causing the problem.

This is strange since the version of SQLite-PCL where the problem is coming does not exist.

Thank you.



  • Hello guys,

    Workaround for the below. For sure there is no the correct solution.

    Install version and then rebuild the project. After that action upgrade the sql-pcl to v3.1.1.

    Issue solved.

    Thank you.


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