Loading More Items with Grouping Listview

Hi guys,

Currently, my app needs to display items into 4 groups. Everytime I send a request to the server, it will return a list of 10 items so that If I need to get more items, I have to use the ItemAppearing method(which is provided by Xamarin). But the problem is imagine your list is [Item 1,Item 2,...Item 10] and we have 4 groups A,B,C,D .Items will be grouped like this:
-Group A: Item 0, Item 1
-Group B: Item 5, Item 7, Item 9
-Group C: Item 3, Item 6
-Group D: Item 2, Item 4, Item 8.
As we can see that the last item displaying on the screen will be the last item of Group D and its ID will always be different from the last item of ItemSources, this will make the app always call the server to get more items(we need to display a loading mask to cover all the page) and in case server always return new data, you will never touch the last item of Group D. Could you guys please help me with this situation?

Best regards.

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