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Publishing App - Invalid Swift Support

frmifrmi DKMember
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My user is too new, so i'm not able to post links... I've added the links in a nonclickable verison. Please copy these to another tab.

I've been struggling publishing my iOS app for review with the following error:

Invalid Swift Support - The SwiftSupport folder is missing. Rebuild your app using the current public (GM) version of Xcode and resubmit it.

I'm using Xamarin.iOS to develop this app, and i receive the above error if i use Visual Studio to Sign and Export the IPA or if i use Xcode to publish.

Tool versions:

  • Xcode 9.0.1
  • Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 for Mac 7.2
  • Xamarin.iOS

I have tried the following suggestions:

  1. IPA Packager (also Auto Packager) (
  2. Manual packaging (

The second suggestion didn't give a different response.
Using the IPA Packager gave the following response from iTunes Store:

Invalid Swift Support - The files libswiftAVFoundation.dylib, libswiftDarwin.dylib, libswiftQuartzCore.dylib, libswiftFoundation.dylib, libswiftCoreAudio.dylib, libswiftCoreGraphics.dylib, libswiftCoreLocation.dylib, libswiftCore.dylib, libswiftCoreImage.dylib, libswiftDispatch.dylib, libswiftPhotos.dylib, libswiftObjectiveC.dylib, libswiftCoreMedia.dylib, libswiftUIKit.dylib don’t match /Payload/, /Payload/, /Payload/, /Payload/, /Payload/, /Payload/, /Payload/, /Payload/, /Payload/, /Payload/, /Payload/, /Payload/, /Payload/, /Payload/ Make sure the files are correct, rebuild your app, and resubmit it. Don’t apply post-processing to /Payload/, /Payload/, /Payload/, /Payload/, /Payload/, /Payload/, /Payload/, /Payload/, /Payload/, /Payload/, /Payload/, /Payload/, /Payload/, /Payload/

I have also tried publishing the app without stripping Swift symbols, when publishing from Xcode

This gave yet another result:

This bundle is invalid - Your archive contains paths that are not allowed: ( "AppThinning.plist" )

I'm out of ideas how to solve this. It's a strange feeling being so close to publish the app, and then struggling with this in the last step of the process.

Best Answer

  • frmifrmi DKMember
    Accepted Answer

    I solved my own question. Solution can be found here.


  • frmifrmi DKMember
    edited October 2017

    I'm unable to post links so here are the links, in a non-recognized link manner.
    IPA Packager guide:
    Manual packaging:
    Swift Symbol Stripping:

  • frmifrmi DKMember
    Accepted Answer

    I solved my own question. Solution can be found here.

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