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Native Library Binding is not working

I have followed the Xamarin Guide to implement a Binding-Project for a Native iOS Library. My goal was, to port a 3rd-Party SDK to Xamarin. It is a SDK for a Bluetooth-Connected Scanner-Device from Koamtac. We want to initiate the scan-process by the SDK.

My Bindingproject compiles, and in the end I did not get any errors from Sharpie. Unfortunately the scanner does not respond to any of my Calls, I am not even getting any exceptions. In the ApiDefinition.cs and Structs.cs I have commented everything out what I don't need. Because it's quite a big SDK, and many Methods\Attributes are marked with a "Verify-Attribute", I only left the Methods I need, or the ones wich are easy to "Verify".

Is this maybe the problem? Do I have to fix all Attributes?

Or does someone have any suggestion how to go on with this Problem?

Thank You

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