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Application gives OutOfMemory Exception , Having Memory leaks issue

Application gives OutOfMemory Exception, it is having memory leak issue. It has only 5 page navigating back and fourth. I checked Xamarin Profiler , profiler gives not much info as it is showing only limited live object which should be ( application level object) . I am using Prism Framework to navigate. It seems that Destroy method is being called but not destruct of view class. each time when navigating to different page , it is eating up memory.

After login , it lands to Main Page which is master detail page which having detail assign in Constructor like below
Detail = new NavigationPage(new HomeScreen());
On detail page, application navigate to different-2 pages and after complete processing , its back to same master detail page using _navigationService.NavigateAsync(new Uri("", UriKind.Absolute));

Application is having service call in each pages,

Any help ?

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