How to reference ImageAssets(LaunchScreen) from storyboard using VisualStudio

BoVisfeldtBoVisfeldt DKMember ✭✭

In order not to conflict with Apples ApplicationLoader, I need:

  1. To set all my LaunchImages in an ImageAsset
  2. To reference the LaunchImages from a storyboard that is configured as LaunchScreen.

Therefor, I added all my launchscreeens to the imageasset "LaunchImages"
Set the launchscreen as the "LaunchScreen" storyboard.

So far so good.
It is, however, beyond me how to set the source from an imageView on the storyboard to the LaunchScreen imageasset.
When trying to set the source of an imageview, the list of images only shows those directly under the project (with buildaction IncludeBundle)- NOT the imageassets.

How do I reference the imageassets from a storyboard???

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