Any insight on Quick Look?

arggharggh FKMember ✭✭


after mastering my first humble steps setting up a Xamarin.Mac document based application I now want to have custom thumbnails for my document type (displayed in Finder). After researching for a while I figured that I need to use the Quick Look API in order to do so. However, the information i was able to dig up are very sparse in the context of Xamarin.Mac . I would like to know the following:

Assuming I have a working document based app and a custom file format

  • how would I make use of Quick Look at all?
  • Am I supposed to add another plugin here or can I utilise these features in my container app?
  • Are there any samples or in-depth documentation about the QuickLook features for Xamarin.Mac that I might have missed here?
  • I really only need to customize the thumbnail and icon of the document type (basically in order to let it look like an image). Is quicklook the right approach?

Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate any hints on how to get this thing working. :smile:


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