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Binding libaums AAR in a Xamarin Android project

I did a binding of libaums AAR in my Xamarin Android solution in Visual Studio.
I used libaums-0.5.0.aar from here :
At compile time I got 2 errors that I solved by adding those directives to my Metadata.xml file:


Then I tried to implement the example found on the libaums github to get the mass storage devices:

            UsbMassStorageDevice[] devices = UsbMassStorageDevice.GetMassStorageDevices(Global.MyActivity.ApplicationContext);

            foreach (UsbMassStorageDevice device in devices)

                // before interacting with a device you need to call init()!

                // Only uses the first partition on the device
                IFileSystem currentFs = device.Partitions[0].FileSystem;

                Console.WriteLine("Capacity: " + currentFs.Capacity);
                Console.WriteLine("Occupied Space: " + currentFs.OccupiedSpace);
                Console.WriteLine("Free Space: " + currentFs.FreeSpace);
                Console.WriteLine("Chunk size: " + currentFs.ChunkSize);

But at run time I have an exception on currentFs.Capacity which says 'no non-static method "Lcom/github/mjdev/libaums/fs/fat32/Fat32FileSystem;getCapacity()J"'

Any ideas?


  • ebesnardebesnard FRMember ✭✭

    The directives in Metadata.xml are as follows :

    <attr path="/api/package[@name='com.github.mjdev.libaums.fs.fat32']/class[@name='FatDirectory']/method[@name='createDirectory']" name="managedReturn">IUsbFile</attr>

    <attr path="/api/package[@name='com.github.mjdev.libaums.fs.fat32']/class[@name='FatDirectory']/method[@name='createFile']" name="managedReturn">IUsbFile</attr>

  • ebesnardebesnard FRMember ✭✭

    I finally solved my problem in doing some modifications in the libaums Java source code.

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