Visual Studio Project on Windows with Mac Agent - Build to iOS device issues.

Hi, I'm a new user of Xamarin and I was wondering if someone had an answer to an issue I'm having, or if this maybe could be considered a bug.
I've setup a default empty Xamarin.Forms project and try to build it without any changes for both Android and iOS. The android build works fine both on simulator and on an Android device.

The problem is building for the iOS device. Simulator works fine. On Xcode I have my team set and my developer profile is tied to the team and I use automatic signing in Xcode. We use Wildcard provisioning profiles during development. This setup has no issues when working on the Mac normally.

In my Xamarin.iOS project in Visual Studio properties under iOS Bundle Signing i have Signing Identity set to Developer(Automatic) and Provisioning Profile to Automatic. Entitlements.plist is set, but empty.
When I try to build my project in Visual Studio through the remote agent I get invalid provisioning profile error messages. If I look at the device log it specifies I have missmatching entitlements, even though there are no entitlements involved. I have tried removing the entitlements file all together and still the same issues.

The solution for me turned out to be creating a dummy project on the Mac with the same name, to generate the provisioning profile there. And after this is done I can now run through agent on Visual Studio to device with no issues anymore.

Is there a way to make this work without having to create a dummy project on the Mac? This seems like something that should work, since the way I've understood it is that Xamarin is supposed to use Xcode's automatic signing when you set it to be automatic in Visual Studio and there seems to be a disconnect somewhere.

I'm using Visual Studio 2017 and Xcode 9.0.1

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