AppleTV 4K Support ETA??

With Apple's removal of the USB-C port, Visual Studio Mac lost its ability to connect to the new Apple TV.

Is there a timeline for wifi connectivity etc?



  • I just bought the new Apple TV 4K to explore the path of App development for it.

    I think it has a lot of potential as a cheap device for large screen presentations (galleries, museums etc.)
    To my surprise i found out that the only way to deploy an app is to generate an IPA and then use the XCode Window -> Devices and simulators to upload the IPA to the device.
    Although this works it is not ideal, debugging is not really possible in this way.
    I have been working on a project that uses Bluetooth Low Energy to collect data from sensors, in the emulator (at least in the iPhone emulator) Bluetooth is not available. So debugging an app like this becomes quite cumbersome with a deploy, display variables on the screen, analyze and fix and redeploy cycle.

    I would leave a little plead here to expedite the development for connecting to the new Apple TV 4K from within Visual Studio.

    Anyone seconding me ;-)

  • TroyDawsonTroyDawson USMember ✭✭

    it works! ::rockin::

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