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Localization WatchOS - not working

TsuankTsuank DEMember
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i do have issues with the localization in my WatchOS project.
My strings in Localized.strings are never used.
I did proceed as in my iOS Project and as from Xamarin advised.
Did anyone face the same issue before?

This is how my project structure looks like in WatchkitExtensions:

- en.Iproj
- Localizable.strings

My localizable.strings file looks like this:

"StampInButton" = "Stamp In"; "Start" = "Start"; "Stop" = "Stop"; "Cancel" = "Cancel"; "Finish" = "Finish";

and thats a example how I localize in code:

var StampInButtonString = NSBundle.MainBundle.LocalizedString("StampInButton", comment:"Stamp In");

But I always receive StampInButton instead of "Stamp In" as string.
Any clue what I´m missing?


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