So, I'm Certified, whats next?

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I started with Xamarin in January of 2015 with a Indie (student account), I developed some apps for learning purpose and on October 2015 I moved to a bussines license. I Worked in a company developing some classic apps, ans this year moved to a bigger one and started with Enterprise Xamarin Forms Apps.
The company payed me the Xamarin University license and I got the Certified Developer on July.
And... what's next?
I know doing more apps will improve my experience and my position, I follow the xamarin blog and "xamarin planet" to see what's new and try newer ideas but, in a official and formative way there's something bigger?

I know about the MVP figure, but that seems something too much bigger at the moment for me, also I don't know if I can freely share what I "discover" developing for my company.

So there are any steps in the middle? Maybe this is a dumb question for most of people, but unfortunatelly my country (Spain) gives usually a lot more importance to the "titles" than to experience. The formal university is not a option for me (I have a Higher Technical Certificate on multiplatform development), it's not compatible with my working times and it's very generic (there are a lot of Graduated with very few experience in development).


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