How to generate .iPA to test on multiple iOS devices without registering iPhone/iPad with apple?

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I have developed a Xamarin.iOS app. I want it to test it on multiple iOS devices by sending them .iPA of my app. For this, I need to create an iPA of my App. I have created a Paid apple developer account and now need to create .iPA so that I may send that .iPA to friend for testing (without registering their phones with Apple developer account OR Provisioning Profile) . Is it possible to create such an .iPA file. If so, can you tell me how ?


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    The primary way to do this is through "beta" testing, using Apples Test Flight feature. They will still have to register their device but the Test Flight process handles that nicely so that you don't have to manage it manually.

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    But we want to do it remotely i.e, by sending .iPAs to specific persons over the internet. What would you suggest in that case?

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    Test Flight handles that. Take a look at the guide and see if it answers all the questions you have. If anything is confusing, let us know!

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