VS 2017 15.4 update is getting stuck while loading Xamarin android project

I have upgraded my VS 2017 to 15.4 update as we wanted to support Android O. After upgrading, VS getting stuck when I load the project. Sometimes the project is getting loaded, but when I build the project it hangs. Once it is stuck cannot do anything with VS, can't even minimise it. I thought it is because of System performance issue, but other applications run smoothly. I tried repairing VS and Reinstalled freshly still, I am facing the same issue.

Then I tried Preview1 15.5, in this, I am not facing the above-mentioned issue, but there is already a bug with "Java long path issue". I saw some post saying fix for the same will be released in preview2.

So I am totally blocked with my development work, please somebody help me to resolve the issue.

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