Huge API and Struct files generated, will not build

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I'm attempting to walk through this guide:

trying to create bindings for this github project:

Using Sharpie 3.4.

I am running into the following issues:

  1. I cannot generate a Fat binary with the architectures i386 armv7 x86_64 arm64 because I am building against iOS11. I can only generate a Fat binary with architectures x86_64 and arm64, attempting the others gives me the error message "invalid iOS deployment version, iOS 10 is the max deployment target for 32-bit targets". Is this expected?

  2. When I then use Sharpie I am able to generate the API and Struct files, however, each of these files are huge, with Structs ending up at 24K+ lines, and API 54K+ lines. I followed a youtube tutorial as well and the output he got was about 200 or so lines, so the fact that mine are so huge makes me think something is going on. His tutorial wasn't for my same Objective-C project but I even tried the same one he did and ended up with the same result.

  3. The Struct file ends up have over 7K errors, and I see countless lines that look something like:

    // extern long double strtold (const char *, char **);
    static extern unsafe [unsupported Builtin: long double] strtold(sbyte*, sbyte**);

Where it's missing identifier names and has this [unsupported Builtin: piece I don't understand.

I can provide more details if needed!

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